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LandAir Investments, LLC is a Real Estate and Aviation investment and development firm that was formed in 2007.

Our company has been involved in research and development of our core mission which will specialize in the protection, promotion, and development of General Aviation private and public-use airports. 

The company is involved in a multi-stage development program which involves investments in the following:

- Residential and Commercial Real Estate to support the needs and mission of the company

- Fixed based operations (FBOs) to create a network of support and training facilities for the aviation industry

- Endangered Private and Public-Use airports through airport acquisitions and management

- Creation of aviation conscious communities through educating the public and the development of Airparks 

LandAir Investments, LLC provides the following services:

  • Distressed/endangered airport evaluation, consulting, and acquisition
  • Residential/Commercial property investments, acquisitions, and rental
  • General Aviation Industry Management and Operations Consulting
  • Corporate Travel needs assessment Consulting and Evaluations
  • Airpark Formation, Management, and Investment Consulting

LandAir Investments, LLC
Where the American dream takes flight